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December 5, 2017

Schaumburg, IL – DMA (Distribution Market Advantage, Inc.) launched its new branding, introducing a new logo, tagline and website. The branding is designed to underscore the company’s unmatched ability to provide a single, nationwide distribution solution to restaurant chains and multi-unit foodservice providers that operate across the USA and Canada.

Built on a model that has been proven for 30 years with many of the most successful multi-unit operators in the country, DMA is able to craft a single, flexible and customized solution for multi-unit chains, giving them access to the best regional distributors across the country.

The new DMA logo captures that idea with a graphic made up of three circles representing customers, distributors and suppliers. They are connected to convey partnership, collaboration and the unity of the relationship. The new DMA tagline clearly defines the company’s strengths, and acts as a customer promise: National Distribution. Local Experts. One Solution.

The updated website expresses the sophisticated capabilities of the company with intuitive navigation, contemporary graphics and concise messaging. While customers will continue to use the website to access DMA’s ordering and reporting platform, the new website will also explain how DMA works and will promote DMA’s Business Tools – a suite of solutions that help customers understand their data and make data-powered decisions.

Pat Mulhern, CEO and President of DMA said, “Our new branding is a bold and compelling way to convey our key advantages for customers: customized, expandable distribution coverage, technology and insights for supply chain optimization, and the responsiveness of a locally-managed relationship. DMA has long been the leader in helping multi-unit restaurant and institutional operators grow, and this success is evidenced by our trend of posting record-breaking sales 7 years in a row.”  

About DMA

DMA creates and delivers customized distribution and supply chain solutions for multi-unit operators in the foodservice industry. The company is comprised of 10 leading foodservice distributors: Ben E. Keith Foods, Cheney Brothers, Gordon Food Service, HPC Foodservice, Jacmar Foodservice, Merchants, Nicholas & Company, Reinhart Foodservice, Services Group of America and Shamrock Foods Company. Combined annual sales of the organization’s 93 North American warehouses exceed $35 billion.


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For regional chains looking to grow quickly and selectively across the US, DMA Offers the one national network that can be customized specifically to your needs to serve your long term expansion plans.

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